> Hi All,
> I am connecting my SSHD server through OpenSSH Client. I am pasting some
> of commands in one shot and I see the terminal disconnects throwing "Bad
> Packet Length " on the terminal screen. Google search says
> that this happens when you're trying to connect to a ssh 2.x using a
> ssh-client which uses ssh 1.x. But that didn't worked either. I tried
> changing the cipher to blowfish. And I encountered a new problem.

Message Authentication Code.....

wikipedia ->

"The MAC value protects both a message's integrity as well as its
authenticity, by allowing verifiers (who also possess the secret key) to
detect any changes to the message content."

Maybe you`re not alone at ya internetconnection.... (somebody manipulating
the packages)
Or bad Hardware.... ?

Try from another network (not related to your work or your home) and see
if that already helps.
You may also wanna do some network analyses to see if there`s a problem
and when where...
Corrupt cables can also appear during the usage of unshilded cables (close
to a power line). Normal TCP/IP Connections will simply resend the packet
as long as something goes wrong but Software like SSH disconnects you but
this implies also that there`s no problem at the TCP/IP layer.

Also use ssh -vvv wich may help to get further informations.

Also the network where your server is (rented server?) stored could be the
source of all 3v1l.

The MAC is not related to the encryptionalgorithm you`ve specified.
See man ssh...
You can also specify alternative MACs.

Kind regards,