I know I should get the version numbers of SSH involved, but at the moment
all I can say is the SSH included in Fedora2 and Fedora5. Hopefully that will
be enough for someone to answer this question.

I have a script that logs in from one machine to another using ssh.
Everything works fine with the Source machine running Fedora2
(the remote machine is running Fedora4).
However, when I update to Fedora5 (different partition, nothing lost,
on the source machine (the
/etc/ssh files and the ~home files remain the same) the login no longer

I SEEMS to ask for a passphrase, and then a password, rather than using
the info in ~home/.ssh .

Any thoughts?
Sounds to me as if there is a new config variable that I have to set, but
I dont see it on a quick exam...