saleh ahmed wrote:
> I would like to know if I can use ssh with my IP Phone, if yes how can I
> do that because our only ISP have blocked all sip udp ports 5060 so my
> Grandstream Gxp2000 would not register with my voip provider.

i/ Complain to your ISP.
ii/ Change the settings on the Grandstream Gxp2000 to use a different
port. (Look under account configuration -> Local SIP port).
iii/ Experiment with STUN.
iv/ Ask in a VoIP related forum.

> At the moment I am using RealTunnel plus x-lite to make my voip calls
> but the bad thing about RealTunnel is that it only works in a Pc and can
> not be added to the phone outbond proxy.

It is unlikely that SSH would solve your problems.