Derek Martin wrote:
> I will say I wrote rssh in part because I thought Joe's approach to
> scponly was more complicated and hard to audit

I did stop using rssh as whenever I tried to access ~ on the remote end
it would cause an error message that /chroot/home/user didn't exist;
which, of course, it doesn't from within the chroot. Whereas scponly
would reject ~ with an error regarding wildcards, which was less
confusing for users.

However! This thread has just made me realise that a symlink inside the
chroot linking /chroot/chroot to /chroot (Or rather chroot to . within
/chroot) means that rssh works perfectly again! So I've gone back to
using it again!

I did consider modifying rssh so that it substitutes the user's home
path from the chroot's passwd file for ~ but that may not be appropriate
for all circumstances and the symlink is easy enough to implement.

Take care,