If you have sshd running on kron, do the following (assuming you want
VNC traffic and that it's running on 5900):
1. create a user on it which has port forwarding privileges
2. on grue do: ssh -R 1234:localhost:5900 kron
3. on smeg do: ssh -L 5900:localhost:1234 kron
4. now use your vnc client on smeg and connect to localhost::5900 (yes,
you need double columns)
> OK this is a port tunnelling thing I'm not seeing how to fix... thanks in
> advance for taking a gander.
> I have two machines behind seperate firewalls, and a third server that both
> can access.
> "grue" and "smeg" are behind different firewalls, and i need to see grue from
> smeg using a gui type thing. I was trying to do tightvnc and now i'm looking
> at ssh -Y .
> In order to ssh to grue I had to do sit at the computer physically and forward
> port 22 on it to some arbitrary port on "kron" (my server). Then from smeg I
> ssh to kronos, then i ssh with -p ??? where the ??? is my arbitrary port.
> That works lovely.
> But now I can't seem to figure out how to forward the ports so i can do
> tightvnc... Perhaps someone can give me some step by step on what I need to
> do to get the correct ports forwarded and then how to access those ports so
> I can get to grue from smeg through kron.
> thanks guys I really appreciate it.

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