> Hello,
> I'm trying to scp a large file (9 gig) from a Sun server, OS Solaris 8 to
> a Sun Ultra 5 using OpenSSH_3.7.1. The file transfer always hangs at or
> around 3 gig. I know this is an older version of OpenSSH and this may
> have been resolved in a later version. But if there is someone who knows
> how to correct this without upgrading, I'd really appreciate your
> assistance. I cannot upgrade the servers at this time > because these are
> production servers. Thanks in advance.
> Kevin

Not sure but this might be the cause. The destination filesystem may not
support large files. If this is not an issue you can pipe the large file
thru ssh tunnel as follows

cat largefile |ssh remotehost 'cat > largefile'
ssh remotehost 'cat > largefile' < largefile