Step by Step:
- Install openssh-4.3p2 package without errors, all
- The script in /etc/ssh/sshd_config with a new line:
Subsystem sftp

- The script in /etc/init.d/sshd was replaced with
another including references to the new compiled (from
the openssh package) binary file:
The sshd daemon was started using this script.

- All the structure:
bin cssa dev etc lib tmp usr var
was created into /datos/chroot/ and the files into
that directories was maked.

- Then the jailed user was added:

This configuration work OK for loggin with an SFTP
client. The user home is changed to the
/datos/chroot/cssa and its chrooted to / . This is not
OK. The correct chroot directory for the user is
/datos/chroot/ .
Of course, I can change to the root directory /, and
this is the problem. I want to limit the user to the
directories over /datos/chroot.
Where is the problem or error?
How I make the chroot directory to /datos/chroot/?

Thanks for all.
PD: Excuse me for my English.

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