Hello. First I am new to SSH so I apologize if I use any
incorrect terms or terminology.


I just had a new server brought up in another location. Because this
is a new server it will have a new SSH Key. Everyone who is connecting
to the system was able to use a windows client that prompted them to
accept the new key and that was easy enough.


However I have one automated service that I can't seem to get to
work. It is running OpenSSH_3.5p1


I ran the ssh -vvv user@IP


and have the debug output. I don't know what to look for however I
gather from the output that it did connect to the IP on port 22 the
connection was established then it says


Not an RSA1 key file /home/brs/.ssh/identity


key_type_from_name: unknown key type '-----BEGIN'


key_read: no key found



I take it from the middle line that it does in fact see a key being
sent. It reads the '-----BEGIN' but for some reason it can not
understand the key? Is that right? I don't know if this server is
sending an RSA or DSA key. I am assuming it matters.


Is there a command that I can run on the remote server (by remote I
mean the server trying to connect to my ssh server) that will force it
to accept what ever key is being provided by my

Joshua Lewis