for Name based virtual hosting, there is only one IP address and one port.

So, you just need one tunnel.
You will need entries in your host table (/etc/hosts on Unixes) that
point to
You will also need to make sure that there are no absolute links in
the site, unless
you move the local port to 80 (which requires the ssh from the local
root account on

Name based virtual hosting uses the "Host:" HTTP header to key which
virtual host
the query routes to. This head is filled in by the browser using the
host part of the
URL entered.

On 6/19/06, Logu wrote:
> >> I have a machine with a public IP. I want to remote
> >> portforward one of the webserver port (80) to this machine.
> >> The webserver is apache with 5 virualhosts. If I forward the
> >> connection to the public IP machine, I am not able to get the
> >> corresponding webpages from the virtualhosts. Instead I am
> >> getting all from one virtualhost. Is there a way to
> >> distinguish the virtualhost while forwarding. ?
> >>
> >> There is no problem with the apache configuration as I am
> >> getting the correct pages from the localnetwork.
> >>
> >> ssh -g -R publicIP
> >> ssh -g -R publicIP
> >> ssh -g -R publicIP

> >
> > What kind of virtual hosts are you using?
> >

> I am using Name based virtual host (ie.,, and
> resolve to same IP).
> -logu

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