I have not configured LDAP for this task. I do have winbind configured
though for Samba Authentication. Do I have to setup LDAP also to all
group specification in the SSHD config?=20

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Reese,Richard Stephen wrote:
> I'm trying to allow a specific group in our Active Directory Domain to

> ssh into a server (openssh-server-3.9p1-8.RHEL4.12) we have. If the=20
> line is commented out then it works fine, but any user in our domain=20
> may login if they have a account on the system. When the directive is=20
> uncommented to become active no user can login.
> I can view users and groups using wbinfo -u or -g. Any


Have you configured /etc/nsswitch.conf to look up active directory
groups (presumably via nss_ldap)?

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