> From: Henry Kupets [mailto:Henry.Kupets@dia.state.ma.us]
> I have a host (Oracle app.server) in DMZ that I need to
> access through HTTP on port 1810 from the Windows PC that
> resides inside the LAN. The firewall does not allow traffic
> through port 1810 but allows traffic through port 9000. (When
> I point the browser to http://appserver:1810 it returns "The
> page cannot be displayed").
> I was trying to set up port forwarding on the app.server using:
> 1) Changed sshd_config on the app.server (AllowTcpForwarding yes)
> 2) Ran on the app.server: ssh -g -L 9000:appserver:1810 appserver
> It's not working. I can see in the firewall log that it
> allows the first packet to go to the app.server on port 9000
> and it drops the second packet that goes for some reason to
> the app.server on port 1810.
> Am I missing anything?

Apologies if I sent two of these -- having connectivity issues. It's also
late and my first response bordered on boneheaded.

Are you connecting to http://localhost:9000?

I also think you're overcomplicating things a bit. If it were me, I'd use:

ssh -L1810:appserver:1810

Then browse to: