Hi Alex,
OpenSSH should be able to do this. From the man pages:
"As a second authentication method, ssh supports RSA based
The scheme is based on public-key cryptography: there are
where encryption and decryption are done using separate keys, and
it is
not possible to derive the decryption key from the encryption key.=20
is one such system. The idea is that each user creates a
key pair for authentication purposes. The server knows the public
and only the user knows the private key.

The file $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys lists the public keys that are
mitted for logging in. When the user logs in, the ssh program
tells the
server which key pair it would like to use for authentication. The
server checks if this key is permitted, and if so, sends the user
ally the ssh program running on behalf of the user) a challenge, a
number, encrypted by the user=92s public key. The challenge can only
decrypted using the proper private key. The user=92s client then
the challenge using the private key, proving that he/she knows the
vate key but without disclosing it to the server."

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On Fri, 2 Jun 2006 16:14:56 -0400, "Alex Perematko"
> Hi,
> I'd appreciate if somebody could suggest me how to configure OpenSSH to
> require RSA key _and_ password to authenticate a user.
> This feature exist in SSH.COM ssh, but I was unable to configure it in
> OpenSSH.
> If this can not be done at the moment, does anybody know what it takes
> convince ($$ or otherwise) OpenSSH development team to add this feature ?
> Alex

Sven =C9douard

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