--- ankush grover wrote:

> hey friends,
> I am using openssh-3.9 on FC3.Is it possible to have
> different ssh
> settings for each user means if there is a user john
> and he can only
> connect through the port 3309 and if there is a
> user mary she can
> only connect through the port 4067 ?
> Rest of the users should be able to connect through
> the default port
> that is 5009.
> Moreover is it possible to restrict some users to
> login only from few
> machines for example I want to restrict user tom
> that he can only
> login from one machine ?

This can easily be done if you force key
authentication and prepend rules to the keys. It
mentions how this is done in the sshd manpage. A
couple of the options I've used are:


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