But for sending them through mail you must have transferred
them from the server to your machine. During this transfer
binary format needs to used otherwise the keys get
transferred. I had been getting the same errors when the
keys were taken on my system in ascii format. Or the issue
might be with dsa on one side and rsa on the other.
But since you can transfer the file to other server with the
same combination, it doesn't exactly seem to be the problem.


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On Friday 26 May 2006 14:10, varun wrote:
> Were bthe keys ftped to your system in ascii or binary


They weren't transfered with FTP, they were sent via mail. I
don't see how this could have caused trouble, especially
since the public key is base64 encoded from the start. Also,
as written in the previous mail, for the server where SSH
works I also sent the key via mail.



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