This URL below has 4.2 stuff but no OpenSSH, but you can get GCC etc
required to build it.

- Geoff Collis

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Sent: jeudi 18 mai 2006 07:15
Subject: RE: prngd usage on OpenSsh4.3p2

AIX 4.2 ??? WOW!!

Bull has a web site with a ton of opensource packages
built for AIX, but they only list from AIX 4.3.3 and
on, maybe with lots of good luck it would run on AIX

but if you have a C compiler I would give the source
code a shoot.


--- wrote:

> Hi guys, my company is switching over to ssh and we
> have an old RS6000
> that is running AIX 4.2 that we have to install ssh
> on. Is there a
> package that I can download to install it like Sun
> has? I'm having
> trouble with the info that I got and don't have any
> install
> instructions. Any help would be great. Thanks guys!!

Enrique Sanchez Vela
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