I have a problem that I can not mount a network drive under cygwin
ssh session when I'm in a passwordless login. I know that my cygwin
homedir (/home/user) has to be on a local drive and this is the case.

So, when I type the following from a cygwin ssh session using a password

$ cd //sambaserver/userdir

everything works fine.

But, when I do the same thing using passwordless login (using key forwardin=
I get the following error:

$ cd //sambaserver/userdir
-bash: cd: //sambaserver/userdir: Permission denied

I looked in the archives and googled around, but I only found some
samba issues when you want to map your homedir through samba, which
is not valid for my case, because my homedir is local to windows.

The version of openssh which is installed is:
openssh 4.3p2-2
openssl 0.9.8a-1
openssl097 0.9.7i-1
Cygwin Dll version: 1.5.19

Any hints?