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David Richardson wrote:
> I've looked through ssh man page and FAQ and tried a google search, but=

> can't seem to figure out how to use ssh to start a command on a remote
> machine, have ssh exit immediately, and still have the command running
> on the remote machine.
> When I do
> [popcorn][~]$ time ssh dave@popcorn "sleep 10&"
> real 0m10.216s
> user 0m0.060s
> sys 0m0.000s
> ssh waits for the sleep to finish. Does anyone either understand why
> ssh is waiting for sleep to finish or how to make it not do it?
> I've tried
> ssh dave@popcorn "run_and_return sleep 10"
> where run_and_return is the bash script:
> #!/bin/bash
> ?@&
> and a similar thing with a perl script that forks. I even tried having=

> the perl script fork, have its child fork, and then the grandchild
> execute the command.
> But ssh keeps sticking around...
> Thanks for any help,
> Dave
> p.s. I'm using
> [popcorn][~]$ ssh -V
> OpenSSH_3.5p1, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090701f
> on
> [popcorn][~]$ uname -a
> Linux popcorn 2.4.20-6 #1 Thu Feb 27 10:01:19 EST 2003 i686 athlon i386=

> GNU/Linux
> with Fedora Core 2 installed.

=46rom the ssh man page:
-f Requests ssh to go to background just before command
execution. This is useful if ssh is going to ask for pass-
words or passphrases, but the user wants it in the
background. This implies -n. The recommended way to start
X11 programs at a remote site is with something like ssh -f
host xterm.
-N Do not execute a remote command. This is useful for just
forwarding ports (protocol version 2 only).

-n Redirects stdin from /dev/null (actually, prevents reading
from stdin). This must be used when ssh is run in
the background. A common trick is to use this to run X11
programs on a remote machine. For example, ssh -n emacs & will start an emacs on, and the X11 connection will be automatically
forwarded over an encrypted channel. The ssh program will
be put in the background. (This does not work if ssh
needs to ask for a password or passphrase; see also the -f

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