I just started using ssh/rssh , so I have a quick and maybe obvious

I want to create a SFTP only rssh configuration,
I want users that login using SFTP to see their home
directory and nothing else.

Please advise the correct directory structure and
rssh configuration for what I am trying to accomplish.

I have the impression that if I setup a chroot path /home/chroot
and copy inside all the needed files /etc /lib , etc. users will also
see these folders and files when they login using SFTP.

Also if I place user home directories in this folder
how to make so they don't see home directories of other users.

I am using Fedora Core 4 , and it would be great if this configuration
would work with Plesk 8 (i have an option in Plesk to choose the
shell for each user).

Also is scponlyc better for this task, and what would be the diffrence
between scponlyc and rssh security wise.