Dony Pierre wrote:
> We want to use sftp in batch and we have a problem with the return code
> openssh sftp retuns. If for example, you try to get/pit a file that does
> not exist, you will receive a rc = 0.
> We have tested sftp -b test.txt -oBatchMode=yes donypie@
> 2>debug.log
> and then analyze debug.log with a perl BUT it will be a lot of work !.
> Does anybody know how we can resolve this problem ?

What OpenSSH version is this, and what's the content of "test.txt"?
Current version seems to behave OK.

$ cat test.txt
put nosuch /tmp/tmp2
$ sftp -b test.txt -obatchmode=yes localhost
sftp> put nosuch /tmp/tmp2
File "nosuch" not found.
$ echo $?

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