Hi Rob,


> to transfer a file on a LAN versus over the Internet. When I transfer a f=

> to the remote server, after about 4 hrs or so and 2 GB of data (the time =

> volume may vary) I get an error message of a failed file transfer. The
> connection stays open but the file transfer failed. Also, all along I hav=

> an SSH connection opened using PuTTy. That connection stays opened as wel=

> It is only a file transfer that fails. This makes me feel that it is not =

> network. I don't know if this is a bug in the code of if I have to recomp=



Some filesystems / file handling apps (perhaps PuTTy) can't handle
files larger than about 2GB (signed 32-bit integer overflow).

If this is your trouble, you might have to break you transfer into 2GB
chunks to get it to work.

Best Regards

Mike Welham