I am migrating from a Windows desktop to Linux.

I have been running the commercial SSH for a long time. I want to
(for now at least) migrate my user keys to my Linux platform running openSSH.

There are two files in my C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application
Data\SSH\UserKeys directory:


These files start with:

Comment: "My Network [2048-bit dsa, user@host, Tue Jan 15 2002 04:27:29]"


Comment: "My Network [2048-bit dsa, user@host, Tue Jan 15 2002 04:27:29]"

So I need some magic to move the files. I have another notebook
already on Linux and it has the SSH service running if there is
someway I could upload the files there and then copy them over to the
new system.

I have also, in the past, learned to manually upload the pub file to
a SSH server that did not have the SCP available by:

2. Log on to the servervusing password authentication.

mkdir .ssh

cd .ssh

3. On your local machine, use Notepad.exe to open your SSH local
public key file. This can be normally be found in:

C:\Documents and Settings\testuser1\Application Data\SSH\UserKeys

4. With the key file opened in the Notepad application, open the Edit
menu and choose Select All. Once everything is selected, open the
Edit menu again and select Copy.

5. On the server, complete the following steps:

cat > ~/.ssh/identity.pub

Paste the contents of the Clipboard (which should now contain the
contents of your key file).

Issue a CTRL+D to close the identity.pub file.

Convert the key to one that SSH will recognize using the following command:
/usr/bin/ssh-keygen -X -f ~/.ssh/identity.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2

Be sure to complete step 5-d.

So I ASSuME this is how I can move my public key. How to move my
private key and passphrase protect it?