At 8:04 AM +1100 3/17/06, Darren Tucker wrote:
>Ron Wheeler wrote:
>> I would like to allow ssh access from
>> 1) anyone on the network
>> or
>> 2) anyone on a list of users.

>An alternative to using pam_listfile (assuming you're using
>Put your chosen few users into a group, say, "sshusers" then
>put the following in sshd_config:
>AllowGroups sshusers
>AllowUsers *@192.168.1.*

That won't work quite the way you want it to. Each category
is handled as a separate filter, and an incoming connection
must pass all of those filters to be allowed.

Here at RPI I have added a new option to openssh called


If it would make the option more attractive for including in the
distributed version, I'd obviously be happy to change that name.
This category expects to see any number of userid@hostpattern
entries. *IFF* a userid matched by any entry in this list, then
the incoming connection must match one of the hostname-patterns
that were specified for that userid. If the userid for the
incoming connection is not matched by any entry in this list,
then the connection will be allowed by this filter. (It may
still be blocked by other filters, of course...).

So let's say you have a userid 'apache', which the whole world
knows that you have (due to some information-leak which can not
be avoided). And let's say the same machine has some userids
which must be able to login from anywhere in the world. You
would add:

UsersLimitedTo apache@192.168.1.*

This option has worked fine in my limited-deployment (it is
only installed on a few of our public remote-access machines).
What I haven't done yet is implement a matching option of:
which would be exactly what would be wanted for the example
which started this thread.

The update I have right now is for an older release of OpenSSH,
but I have been meaning to regenerate it for the latest release,
along with some other updates that I believe would be good to
make. This week is probably going to be too busy for me to
get anything done on that, but once I have some time I would
be very happy to work on it.

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