Upgrading to openssh 4.3 (from 3.9) resolved the problem

--- Darren Tucker wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 01:46:02PM -0800, samuel gipe wrote:
> > When sshing into a machine with an expired password, the user is forced
> > to change the password immediately. When updating the expired password
> > the user is not advised if the proposed new password is in openldap's
> > ppolicy password history. The update is denied but the user is not advised
> > why, even though openldap generates a reason/message and pam_ldap passes

> that
> > message to sshd (observed via strace).

> What SSH software and version are you using? If it's OpenSSH, there was
> a bug regarding passing of PAM messages back to the client that would
> probably explain your problem. That bug was fixed in (from memory) 4.1p1.
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