It does not seem to work.
It appears that for sshd, sshusers would have to be their primary group =
and it is not.

It also appears that the Allow* directives act like seives. You have to =
pass all of the specified criteria to get in.
This means they would have be in the right group AND local rather than =
OR which is what I need.

Does anyone know how to do this with PAM?
I now have the "remoteusers" group setup so that might make it easier.


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Ron Wheeler wrote:
> I would like to allow ssh access from=20
> 1) anyone on the network
> or
> 2) anyone on a list of users.

An alternative to using pam_listfile (assuming you're using OpenSSH):

Put your chosen few users into a group, say, "sshusers" then put the
following in sshd_config:

AllowGroups sshusers
AllowUsers *@192.168.1.*

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