I am having trouble using sftp to send a file from Unix to Win 2003
server I am able to send from the same UNIX server to another serve that
uses Tectia SSH
Can you please let me know where to look to identify the problem
On the Unix machine I did the following:

ssh-keygen -b2048 -fidentity -t "rsa1"

ssh-keygen -b2048 -fid_dsa -t "dsa"

ssh-keygen -b2048 -fid_rsa -t "rsa"

ssh-keygen -b2048 -fid_dsa -e -t "dsa" > hbwpap00.bwmrteam.2048_dsa.pub
ssh-keygen -b2048 -fid_rsa -e -t "rsa" > hbwpap00.bwmrteam.2048_rsa.pub


On my win2k server (using Tectia ssh) I have added the above two .pub
files in the .ssh2 directory of the receiving user and updated the
authorization file to include:

key hbwpap00.bwmrteam.2048_rsa.pub

key hbwpap00.bwmrteam.2048_dsa.pub

And the transfer worked

On my Win2003 server (uses Openssh) I did the same and the transfer



Ken Iacovou
Tel: 908 953 4919