Hello all. For various reasons, we use a version of openssh (currently
v 4.2) that is built on a system running HP-UX 11iv1 that has not been
converted to TCB, but we wish to run it on a system that has been
converted to TCB. We have noticed that when run this way sshd is not
updating the last login (u_suclog) field in the TCB and that it doesn't
honor administrative locks on accounts (lets you log in anyway).

We can get around this by using pam (UsePAM=yes) but this is not the way
we would prefer to get around this problem.

I've done a number of searches trying to find solutions to this issue,
and the only one I have really come across is to use pam.

So, here are some questions that hopefully some of you can help us out
on with answers.

1. If you compile Openssh on a HP-UX 11iv1 system that has been
converted to use TCB, does Openssh properly update things like last
login in the TCB and honor locks set in the TCB?

2. Is there a compile time and/or config option we can set to force
Openssh to honor the TCB on a system that has not been converted?

3. Is it possible to compile openssh in such a way so that the single
sshd binary will honor both TCB and non-TCB systems?

Thanks for your help!

Bob Jones
OIIT, The Board of Regents
The University System of Georgia