SSH does not emulate any terminal type. As it does not provide a terminal,=
provides access to/from a terminal.

Terminal emulation comes from the terminal you are using. (xterm,
rxvt, Konsole,
Eterm, Linux console, VT100) Something like putty/SecureCRT is both a term=
emulator and ssh client. (As Windows does not have a terminal
emulator subsystem.)

Do you need specifically "SCO-ANSI" or can you set the terminal type on the=
machine (the TERM environment variable) to something like "VT100"?

If the applications are using terminfo/termcap, then setting everything to =
should give you working terminal controls. (And if you are missing VT100 f=
the terminfo/termcap database, they are freely available.)

On 3/13/06, Marcelo F Gacitua wrote:
> Hi, i need to connect with a client ssh from my pc to a server unix ssh w=

> SCO-ANSI emulation.
> I set SCO-ANSI in the terminal type of SecureCRT, but when i connect to =

> server i see that the emulation is not work.
> I need to modify some parameters of ssh server ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Marcelo Gacitua

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