-Hopefully this is the right list-
Our ssh connections work fine on all our servers when we connect via
the -local- network.
But, when we ssh from the -internet-, there are long pauses where i/o is not
displayed/echoed to the screen on our Debian servers.
We experience 10 to 30 second pauses after a screen or 2 of display on
Debian Etch kernel 2.6.12, SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.2p1 Debian-5.
We have same issue, with slightly shorter pauses, on a Debian Sarge kernel
2.4.18, OpenSSH_3.4p1 Debian 1:3.4p1-1.woody.3.
We do not experience the problem on a SCO OS5 3.2v5.0.5 kernel,
Also, if we ssh to SCO first, then locally ssh to Debian, the pauses do not
So it definitely has nothing to do with the network or infrastructure or the
load on any server, etc.
It is something to do with either Debian or OpenSSH and only is triggered
when the IP source IP is outside the LAN.
Does anyone know what might me contributing to the screen IO issue?