Waitman Gobble wrote:
> Rebuilding didn't help anything. I cannot connect to openssh4.2p1 but
> openssh3.9p1 works fine. Here are the results of the connections, one
> for each version. The 4.2p1 abruptly drops the connection at "we sent a
> keyboard-interactive packet, wait for reply". Nothing in the log files.
> here's a hint: keyboard-interactive. maybe i have always misunderstood
> this, i thought it was enabling entry of a password. But from the log
> below it doesn't look that way to me. I'll see what tinkering with that
> does.

This looks like a bug in glibc that showed up a while back: any name
service lookup from a chroot would segfault. There's a thread in the
openssh-unix-dev archives about this (search for "gethostbyname" and

You can either update your glibc (assuming the patch has been backported
to your distro) or work around it: from memory, creating a "/dev" dir
inside the chroot (/var/empty by default) prevent the crash.

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