I have installed openssh4.2p1 on a Fedora server.

I cannot seem to connect to the thing using openssh from the command
line (ssh or sftp) of any other fedora or cygwin server, and I cannot
connect using PuTTY on a Windows machine.

It always seems to do this:
debug1: Next authentication method: keyboard-interactive
Connection closed by...

and it's a done deal.

I don't see *anything* at all in the /var/log/messages or
/var/log/secure when this happens. Only if a connection is made and
authentication is successful, or denied. But nothing when it just bombs.

Normally that tells me that I obviously didn't build something correct...

However, I can connect using an sftp client (webdrive) and I can connect
using SecureCRT ( VanDyke ). So it is kinda strange.

I did have to add the "-ldl" in the Makefile library section to get it
to link. I have seen some other people have troubles and questions
building 4.2 but didn't see much in replies.

That seemed like it linked properly, but maybe that was my boo-boo ;-)

Any ideas to help troubleshoot would be appreciated.

Thank you

Waitman Gobble