I have set up HP-UX Secure Shell, version A.03.91.002, on two HP 9000
servers. They are both running HP-UX 11i. Using Exceed 10 (with Connectivity
Secure Shell 10) as my client on a windows PC, I can get VT emulated
terminals over ssh just fine. On one server when I try to bring up an Xterm,
I get this error:

sshd[2466]: error: Can't get IP address for X11 DISPLAY

Needless to say the xterm does not open up on my PC. On the other server
this works just fine. My PC is in the hosts file. It does not matter if I
put in the PC's IP address or a macro when I invoke the xterm command.
Remember that this works fine on the other server, secure tunnels to both
servers open just fine, I can ping my PC from both servers, etc. (Using
telnet as my startup method does work fine.)

I have searched the archives and all I come up with are problems where
people do not provide the display name or IP for their display - this is not
my problem..... Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your time.