In the last episode (Mar 23), said:
> OpenSSH version: 3.1p1-14
> OS: RHEL2.1
> Kernel: 2.4.9-e.34enterprise
> I have the following in the messages file:
> Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: Starting sshd:
> Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: succeeded
> Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: ^[[60G
> Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd:
> Mar 22 13:41:24 x rc: Starting sshd: succeeded
> It looks like some sort of terminal control character - but why it is
> being logged I have no idea.

On Linux's console, ESC [ n G is a horizontal positioning sequence. I
assume it's just part of redhat's [ OK ]/[FAILED] status output that is
getting logged to syslog for some reason. Check to see if there is a
newer version of the initscripts rpm.

> Is it a known bug that has been fixed in a newer OpenSSH version? Or
> is it a genuine log message that is just completely obscure?

Dan Nelson