Hi guys,

OpenSSH version: 3.1p1-14
Kernel: 2.4.9-e.34enterprise

I have the following in the messages file:

Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: Starting sshd:
Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: succeeded
Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: ^[[60G
Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd:=20
Mar 22 13:41:24 x rc: Starting sshd: succeeded

I've seen this message occur before, as have others I know - but now, I =
need to find out why this is
occuring and how to stop it.

I've googled and searched the archives but although many people seem to =
have this message in their logs,
nobody seems to know why it occurs. It seems like its not causing any =
problems, but again, I need to
get rid of it if possible, or at least explain why it occurs.

It looks like some sort of terminal control character - but why it is =
being logged I have no idea.

Is it a known bug that has been fixed in a newer OpenSSH version? Or is =
it a genuine log message that
is just completely obscure?