Hi All,
Yesterday when I performing some system hardening process for a
RedHat 8 that running OpenSSH 3.4.

When the machine is being probed by FoundStone program, i got this

<-- Text Quoted from Report
"Algorithms support by SSH2 server were enumerated."


Examine the list of supported algorithms for compliance with
instituitional security policy.

End of Quoted Text--->

Btw, what is the word "Enumarated" stands for in this kind of
situtation, does it means that attackers will be able to discover the
SSH encryption algorithms and do something on

My apologies if this problem has been posted before or is has been
fixed on the later version of SSH. But I have my constrains to stick to
the existing version.

C. K. Ong (Chris)
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May the SOURCE be with you.