Dave Markham wrote:
> I have come across an error with crontabs if you have ssh'd to a machine
> and edited the crontab if you have BSM auditing enabled on solaris.
> There was a work around in the sshd_config to change UseLogin to yes,
> the problem is this stops X forwarding.
> Does anyone know if this problem has been rectified in Openssh 4 ? I am
> running BSM auditing on Solaris 8 and currently running openssh 3.9 and
> connecting with Putty.

Yes, as it says in the release notes, OpenSSH 4.0p1 has support for BSM
auditing. It must be enabled at configure time and is currently
considered experimental. Enable with:

../configure --with-audit=bsm [other options]

For details see README.platform.

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