Pekka Savola wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, Darren Tucker wrote:
>>> run test ...
>>> ssh: connect to host port 4242: Connection refused
>>> ssh connect after login grace timeout failed without privsep
>>> failed connect after login grace timeout
>>> make[1]: *** [t-exec] Error 1

>> Does this error happen consistently? Some of the tests are inherently racy,
>> and this is one of them. There are "sleep" commands sprinkled in strategic
>> places but sometimes they're not enough.

> Yes, this seems to work when I retry it, as well as manually.
> There is also later an issue with terminating forwarding connections,
> but I recall you debugged this already 6-12 months ago (then the
> system was RHL73 though) and couldn't reproduce it. So this certainly
> shouldn't be a recent problem. With tracing enabled, the output is:

This can happen if you have something that uses the port ranges that the
regress tests assume will be free (33xx). I have had problems with
ClamAV's clamd which by default uses a port in that range.

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