Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hello Deepak,
> On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 05:17:05PM +0900, Deepak D wrote:
>> I want a simple sftp library which I can link to my test
>> application and perform ftp operations. Is it possible to seperate
>> sftp out of ssh and form a sftp library ?

> It is certainly possible, but..

But as it has been pointed out OpenSSH really is an application and not
a library. A coworker and I did turn it in to a library at one point but
it was a mess and we abandoned it pretty quickly. However, there are
*other* ssh implementations out there that may be able to do what you
need. libssh is one, I'm not sure if its ready for production yet but as
a basis for further development it may be worth exploring.

Please note, this library has nothing to do with OpenSSH and it doesn't
seem to provide listen capability.

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