Hi to all of you,

maybe my previous mail
(http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.net...sh.devel/13345) was not
clear enough, so I will try to summarize it more concisely:

If I use X-Frowarding, then the ssh-daemon offers DISPLAY settings,
that can not be used. Thus resulting in "cannot connect ..." errors.

>From my point of view, the ssh-daemon should check, if (for example)

port 6014 is available before it offers the DISPLAY "localhost:4".

This not-checking is especially ugly, as the ssh-daemon itself occupied
the respective port during another X-Forwarding session.

for now there is no way for me to use X-Forwarding safely. The only
thing, I can do, is to regularly check (by cron), if there is an
X-Forwarding session, that occupies crucial ports (between 6000 and
6100). If this happens, then I have to ask the user to log out and
start his session again.
Otherwise all the other users would complain, that they cannot connect
to the X-Server.

How could I avoid this ugly situation?

Maybe I just do not really get the point?

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