Hello Deepak,

On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 05:17:05PM +0900, Deepak D wrote:
> I want a simple sftp library which I can link to my test
> application and perform ftp operations. Is it possible to seperate
> sftp out of ssh and form a sftp library ?

It is certainly possible, but..

> And also please provide me the APIs in sftp which are similar to
> login, connect, get, put etc APIs in the normal FTP libraries.
> Since I am very new to this SFTP, i am not able to find out the
> similar APIs in this SFTP package.
> Please help me in this regard.

OpenSSH sftp is not intended to be a library, and that means it would
require a lot of work to transform it into one.

The recommended way to interface with the sftp program in OpenSSH is
through sftp batch files and/or popen().

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