Pomerantz Daniel wrote:
> Thanks for the reply,
> I'm actually using PuTTY on the computer hosting this eMail right now.
> PuTTY is fine, but it is a C program. As far as I can tell, it is no
> more callable from .Net than OpenSSH is already. I have a need to
> customize OpenSSH, particularly sftp. Sometimes I may be wanting to
> send/receive a file directly from code, but other times I need to mess
> with the individual bytes that are being sent or received. I have done
> that in C, but C# would be much easier for *me* to integrate with other
> projects and debug.
> After I wrote the intiial eMail, I thought about the issue some more.
> I came the the conclusion that porting OpenSSH would likely not be too
> difficult. No offense to the hard work that the OpenSSH developers
> have put into the product, but because of how wonderful the code is,
> porting it to C#, making calls more .Net based in stead of C API based,
> creating classes to do the work in stead of procedures would probably
> be quite simple. The more difficult part (to me at first glance) would
> be to do it in a way that allow future versions of OpenSSH to be
> integrated in. I would like to avoid a pure fork, but I'm not sure how
> possible that is. Any further advice would be appreciated.
> dmp

Did you Google for C# SSH
There appears to be some some implementations, both comercial
and open source.



> --- "Douglas E. Engert" wrote:
>> Any reason you don't start with PuTTY? Its already a Windows
>> based ssh client. Goolge for PuTTY and for PuTTY gssapi
>> http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
>> http://www.sweb.cz/v_t_m/
>> A C# based program might be interesting, as long as it follows
>> all the SSH protocols.
>> Pomerantz Daniel wrote:
>>> I am interested in starting a project to port stable versions of
>>> OpenSSH to C#, compilable as a stable .Net Library. I was

>> wondering
>>> what the list's feelings would be on such a port, if any one else

>> would
>>> be interested in such a port, and for any suggestions on raising
>>> interest from others to perform such a port. I have nothing

>> against
>>> Java and would welcome a similar effort from that arena. I am

>> tempted
>>> to suggest Java / J# only, but I feel that would alienate many c#
>>> users. Any information or advice would be appreciated. Please

>> bcc:
>>> this eMail address in any replies. Thanks!
>>> dmp

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