Thanks for the reply,

I'm actually using PuTTY on the computer hosting this eMail right now.
PuTTY is fine, but it is a C program. As far as I can tell, it is no
more callable from .Net than OpenSSH is already. I have a need to
customize OpenSSH, particularly sftp. Sometimes I may be wanting to
send/receive a file directly from code, but other times I need to mess
with the individual bytes that are being sent or received. I have done
that in C, but C# would be much easier for *me* to integrate with other
projects and debug.

After I wrote the intiial eMail, I thought about the issue some more.
I came the the conclusion that porting OpenSSH would likely not be too
difficult. No offense to the hard work that the OpenSSH developers
have put into the product, but because of how wonderful the code is,
porting it to C#, making calls more .Net based in stead of C API based,
creating classes to do the work in stead of procedures would probably
be quite simple. The more difficult part (to me at first glance) would
be to do it in a way that allow future versions of OpenSSH to be
integrated in. I would like to avoid a pure fork, but I'm not sure how
possible that is. Any further advice would be appreciated.


--- "Douglas E. Engert" wrote:

> Any reason you don't start with PuTTY? Its already a Windows
> based ssh client. Goolge for PuTTY and for PuTTY gssapi
> A C# based program might be interesting, as long as it follows
> all the SSH protocols.
> Pomerantz Daniel wrote:
> > I am interested in starting a project to port stable versions of
> > OpenSSH to C#, compilable as a stable .Net Library. I was

> wondering
> > what the list's feelings would be on such a port, if any one else

> would
> > be interested in such a port, and for any suggestions on raising
> > interest from others to perform such a port. I have nothing

> against
> > Java and would welcome a similar effort from that arena. I am

> tempted
> > to suggest Java / J# only, but I feel that would alienate many c#
> > users. Any information or advice would be appreciated. Please

> bcc:
> > this eMail address in any replies. Thanks!
> >
> > dmp

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