Very cool.


If I want to modify the code, how I can do equivalent of SendEnv and AcceptEnv?

2006/11/12, Darren Tucker :
> On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 10:28:08AM +0100, Vincenzo Sciarra wrote:
> > Thanks for reply.

> You might also want to cc: the list as you might get more/better feedback.
> > I'm trying to pass a remote path @ the login-time.

> In that case, you don't actually need it until after authentication,
> so I suggest you use an environment request. You don't need to modify
> the code, just use the existing SendEnv and AcceptEnv options.
> > Something like "ssh -l user host -p port -K remote_path".
> >
> > The sample -K option should pass a remote path to server and the
> > server will download the file @ the location.

> So that would be something like:
> DESTPATH=remote_path ssh -l user host -p port -oSendEnv=DESTDIR
> If necessary you could add a command-line shortcut for to ssh for that.
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