Little OT reply...

Pavel Troller wrote:
> The problem is that the tunnel freezes occasionally, mostly in one direction
> only. The freeze occurs mostly when there is traffic over the tunnel, like
> VoIP call or remote X session. I know that this is unidirectional freeze,

How is the latency across your tunnel? I typically see ~20-40ms from
work to home. When on travel I've seen as great as 300ms (overseas).
Other than this mysterious unidirectional freeze, how is the voice
quality of you VoIP calls? Is there a noticeable effect because of
riding through the tunnel? Which VoIP are you using?

btw - I've been doing Layer2 tap interfaces with bridging to create the
tunnel. I haven't signed up for VoIP yet, but was looking into it.

You may be interested in Bug 1223 [1], it has a patch so you don't have
to ssh in as root. You still have to be root on the client side to set
it up, but you can disable remote root login on your SSH server.



[1] -

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