Rick Glorie wrote:
> I am new to Linux, just installed Ubuntu 6.06 for a school project.
> I have to install OpenSSH, which also needs Zlib and OpenSSL. The
> problem is that these programs have to be compiled. What do I need
> for that? I have had al 3 packages and none would compile.

You misunderstand. There is no need to compile your own version. You
should use the copy of OpenSSH that is included with your
distribution. What does this command say for you?

/usr/bin/ssh -V

> Is there a complete compiled set out?

OpenSSH is installed in /usr/bin/ssh and is packaged in the
openssh-client package on Ubuntu.

I believe that you may be simply having a use issue. As such you
might want to direct further questions to the
ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com mailing list instead. They can help you
with distribution specific questions such as this.

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