On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 04:22:47PM -0400, Chris Rapier wrote:
> More than likely this is due to a layer 1 problem somewhere along the
> path. I saw this happen with some of the older intel pro e1000 cards but
> I've also seen it happen with bad cables and flaky drivers (esp when
> using some sort of offloading). A straight forward tcp transfer will
> recovery from some intermittent hardware faults by just retransmitting
> but MAC will, for obvious reasons, fail in these same conditions.

I can't really follow that argument. If "tcp will recover" then the
errors must be visible to TCP, and TCP will retransmit that segment
before SSH can even take a look at it, let alone notice the corrupted

>From what I've seen on this list, I'd tend to blaim the OpenSSL installation

on that machine.

(As a workaround, the original poster might want to use "bsplit" to
chop the file into smaller pieces, transmit them one by one, and
re-concatenate them aftwarwards. Ugly, but a quick solution).


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