Hi everyone,

I tried finding this using Google, but no joy.

I have a massive (6GB uncompressed, 2.9GB compressed)
file I'm attempting to transfer using SCP or SFTP. I
get a random length into the transfer, and then it
aborts with "Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input."

Both hosts are Solaris 8, using OpenSSH4.4p1 compiled
64-bit by the Sun Forte C compiler. I've tried
passing -o'Compression no' and -o'MACs
hmac-sha1,hmac-ripemd160,hmac-sha1-96' in an attempt
to sidestep the MAC that's causing the grief (I assume
it's MD5, as that's the default first MAC). It only
seems to happen in connection with this one file, as
other files (not nearly as large) all transfer without

Does anyone have any suggestions?

scp -vvv gives the following when it bombs:
ebug2: channel 0: window 57344 sent adjust 73728
debug2: channel 0: window 57344 sent adjust 73728
Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input.
debug3: channel 0: close_fds r 4 w 5 e 6 c -1
lost connection

I've even tried doing the following:
ssh $host gzip -dc $file | gzip -9 > $file
and got the same result.


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