Ev Batey WA6CRE wrote:
> Connect from Mac OSX 10.4.8 / to Recent Linux .. Sys/Sw Versions in .txt

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will do that for any non-text MIME types.

> Refuses to accept keys in auth_keys .. bad keys "-----BEGIN" ...
> "-----END"

If the rest of that line says things like "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE
KEY-----" then that's a private key and is not what you need to put into
authorized_keys. There should be a corresponding key file with a ".pub"
extension which is what you need to use.

If there's not then you can extract the public components from the
private key like so:

$ ssh-keygen -y -f id_rsa >id_rsa.pub

(or simply generate a new set if you haven't deployed this key anywhere).

> Is this open .. not found in site search ...

I'm sorry but I can't make out your meaning here.

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