On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 10:11:27AM +0530, Girish Venkatachalam wrote:
> Hi,
> I know this subject is better suited to the freebsd mailing list but I send it here bcoz this mail is further to the mail I sent a couple of weeks ago about weird DH problems with FreeBSD OpenSSH.
> It turned out that reinstalling OpenSSL solved the issue.
> For those of you working on FreeBSD this is the solution.
> # cd /usr/ports/security/openssl
> #make deinstall
> #make reinstall
> I will make available a cleaner fix if I get around to it.
> I have been seeing several instances of Apache SSL not working, OpenSSH not working sometimes and various other problems with FreeBSD users.
> Root cause is a broken OpenSSL library.
> Please refer to my thread titled "weird DH problems" for details.
> regards,
> Girish

I remember seeing long ago someone who tried to solve a "Corrupted MAC on input" error with scp. This is the culprit.

It is a guess of course but a pretty good one.

If that original poster is around, can u please confirm whether one of the boxes is FreeBSD?

I have mostly seen this problem during inward xfers to FreeBSD boxes.

Can u plz try the above solution and verify if the problem goes away?


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