I'm trying to understand why I'm getting a new error message
in 4.4p1, when 4.3p1 did not produce the error message. The
config files are the unchanged.

The new error in the log is
Failed hostbased for xxx from nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
That is followed by the usual
Accepted hostbased for xxx from nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
and the host based authentication continues to work correctly
despite the new "Failed hostbased..." message.

Running sshd in debug shows that 4.4p1 tries a DSA host key ahead
of the RSA host key. /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts2 only contains RSA
keys, and 4.3p1 (and previous) OpenSSH versions did not produce
any errors.

Is checking DSA keys ahead of RSA keys new in 4.4p1, or is this
just a logging change of a previously unreported error?

Ric Anderson (ric@ms.telcom.arizona.edu)

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