Hi there,

I've run into a strange problem. I have just finished building
OpenSSH 4.4p1 against openssl 0.9.8d under Mac OS X 10.3.9 and
10.4.7. Both were installed as updates to OpenSSH 4.3p2/openssl
0.9.8c (not Apple's obsolete versions which are bypassed). The 10.4.7
build works as expected, whereas the 10.3.9 build throws

Disconnecting: Bad packet length 2477450673.

when I try to connect to the machine. I googled this and found that
this may be a protocol mismatch (unlikely, since 4.3p2 should have
shown the same problem), but also saw a mention of a compile problem.

I downgraded to the previous version and can again connect to the
machine. This does not fix the security problems, however.

Any ideas?

Marius Schamschula Webmaster

The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group

webmaster at hmug dot org marius at schamschula dot com

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